The water base concrete paint

The material of water base concrete paint all from natural. In the use of a molding technology, it is conducive to environmental protection, reducing a large number of construction waste, and is conducive to protection the environment. Concrete paint has a simple, natural and steady appearance. More and more architects in the world, using concrete paint, because of they think it is a noble simplicity, seemingly simple, but more luxurious.

Main components:

Silicate special cement, high quality silicate, nanometer calcium. carbonate powder and kaolin.

Reference amount: scrape :0.6-0.9kg/m².

Basic requirements:

1.Water resistant putty powder must be used. The surface is smooth .

2.(slight)when dropping powder: roll the inorganic maintenance liquid(add water 10-20%) again, 12 hours after construction.

Construction technology:

1.The irregular scrape.

2.If required flatness scrape again

3.when the surface dry, polish.

Implementation criteria:

JC/T1024 "wall decorative mortar”

GB 18582-2008 “limits of harmful substances in interior decoration materials

Color number