Manntree story
Manntree story
DDM introduce

DDM originated in Texas, USA, and was founded by a group of chemists who love art and yearn for nature.  

DDM has always insisted that the building itself is the design concept of art, adding simple construction and distinctive design elements to many products. In addition, the company's products are produced in strict accordance with international environmental standards, safe and environmentally friendly.

The main raw materials of our company's products are selected from natural inorganic minerals, inorganic color pastes, and other inorganic materials. All raw materials are carefully screened by special personnel to ensure the ratio of each material, using the most advanced production technology in the United States. Use natural products to return to nature, giving users a sense of nature in the depths.   

At the same time, it has good weather resistance and water resistance, and is widely used on the surface of new and old buildings for durability.